ISAAA AfriCenter Unveils New Board

The AfriCenter family is excited to welcome a new Board of Directors. The Board comprises a team of eight eminent personalities representing developing and industrialized countries, public and private sectors, and various professional interest groups. Made up of an eclectic blend of both young and time-honoured, the new Board represents a wide range of expertise in science, technology and innovation (STI), research and academia, food security, advocacy, and, leadership and management.  They bring expansive experience and expertise, important ingredients in our quest to ensuring our continent is an equal player in development, acquisition and commercialization of biosciences for prosperity.  

The Board will be chaired by Dr. Robert Karanja, the co-founder and Chief Innovations Officer at Villgro Africa, an early stage business incubator and impact investor that seeks to support start-ups with a global social impact focus in the African region. Robert enjoys impeccable record in donor engagements having successfully developed and built extensive relationships with development partners at Villgro over the years. His invaluable entrepreneurial and networking skills are an important addition to a rich pool of capabilities that the board is bringing along.

The Board will oversee programmatic, organizational, and policy strategies of ISAAA AfriCenter. Specifically, the new directors will provide indispensable guidance and strategic direction as AfriCenter repositions itself to meet new challenges in the biosciences landscape. We assure the new Board of our unwavering support.

  • Dr. Robert Karanja

    Dr. Robert Karanja

    Board Chair

  • Dr. Dianah Ngonyama

    Dr. Dianah Ngonyama

    Board Secretary

  • Dr. Jenny Molloy

    Dr. Jenny Molloy

    Board Treasurer

  • Dr. Canasius Kanangire

    Dr. Canasius Kanangire

    Board Member

  • Dr. Appolinaire Djikeng

    Dr. Appolinaire Djikeng

    Board Member

  • Dr. Charity Mutegi

    Dr. Charity Mutegi

    Board Member

  • Prof. Ratemo Michieka

    Prof. Ratemo Michieka

    Board Member

  • Prof. Kazuo Watanabe

    Prof. Kazuo Watanabe

    Board Member

  • Prof. Paul Teng

    Prof. Paul Teng

    SINGAPORE (ex-officio)

  • Prof. Jeniffer Thomson

    Prof. Jeniffer Thomson

    SOUTH AFRICA (ex-officio)

  • Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan

    Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan

    Global Coordinator, ISAAA/BioTrust

  • Dr. Margaret Karembu, MBS

    Dr. Margaret Karembu, MBS

    Director, ISAAA AfriCenter