The Challenge

Lack of awareness and limited knowledge on the broad issues pertaining to agricultural biotechnology and biosafety can hamper progress of the technology. This is especially true in Africa where fear, concerns and myths about agricultural biotechnology have hijacked the debate and undermined the scientific facts and evidence available, creating bottlenecks that have delayed adoption. A reliable base of knowledge is critical if the efforts of shaping public perception of agricultural biotechnology are to be realized.

Our Strategy

The AfriCenter places great emphasis on knowledge sharing that is participatory and interpersonal. In this regards, the Center’s communications and knowledge sharing initiatives are guided by a strategic communications plan that takes into account the sporadic agricultural biotechnology environment. This ensures that all stakeholders receive up to date credible and authoritative information on agricultural biotechnology.

Working through the Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology, popularly known as the Knowledge Center (KC), and in collaboration with various Biotechnology Information Centers (BICs) in Africa, the Center has managed to serve the information needs of different stakeholders and quench the developing world’s thirst for science-based information and knowledge. Various approaches to change perceptions and build the public’s trust in biotechnology have been employed, including: