• Margaret Karembu
    Margaret Karembu Director


    Dr. Margaret Karembu (MBS) is the Director of ISAAA-AfriCenter (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications – Africa region and pioneering chair, Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB – Kenya chapter). She is a senior level environmental science management specialist with extensive experience in technology transfer, environmental impact audits and modern biotechnology applications on small-scale agriculture. A science educator and communication trainer, Margaret has actively been involved in strengthening capacity for science communications and policy outreach for informed choices on modern biosciences in Africa. She has significantly contributed to the biotechnology discourse through presentations in many international fora and working papers on modern biotechnology, including the Convention on Biological Diversity Biosafety COP-MOP negotiations (2010-2018).

    She is also the principal convener of the Africa Biennial Biosciences Communication symposium (ABBCsymposium), Editor in chief of DrumBeat, a monthly e-newsletter on Africa Bioscience Trends and founding chair of the African Women for Biosciences and Africa Association for the Advancement of Synthetic Biology (AAASynBio). These platforms provide stakeholders an opportunity to share experiences on modern biosciences and policy implications of emerging bioscience trends. She is very passionate about science and a strong believer in the power of innovations for transforming African agriculture into efficient and competitive enterprise for women and small-holder families. In 2020, Margaret’s efforts were recognized with a conferment by Kenyan President with a State Honour – Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (MBS). She previously served as Council chair and vice-chair of the Cooperative University of Kenya and Meru University of Science and Technology respectively. Margaret holds a PhD degree in Environmental Science Education from Kenyatta University, where she taught for more than 10 years prior to joining ISAAA.

  • Anne Mukuna
    Anne Mukuna Administrative Assistant


    Anne Mukuna is the Administrative Assistant at ISAAA AfriCenter. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from Kenya Institute of Management. She is principally responsible for managing the diary of the AfriCenter Director. Anne also oversees general office management, management of transport services, and events organization among other administrative duties.

  • Anthony Nderitu
    Anthony Nderitu Accountant


    Anthony Nderitu is in charge of Finance and Administration at ISAAA AfriCenter. He is a trained and certified public accountant with vast experience in international financial reporting and forensic audit. He is a graduate from Kenya College of Accountancy.

  • Bibiana Iraki
    Bibiana Iraki Senior Programs Officer


    Bibiana Iraki has wide experience in science communication, spanning a period of over 10 years. She holds an MA in Journalism from the University of Wales, Glamorgan, and a BSc in Biotechnology from Cardiff University. Bibiana handles various communications-related duties, key among them leading in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of communication and outreach strategies for major biotech projects. She has been actively involved in strengthening capacity for effective science communication and policy outreach across the region and has trained over 1000 African scientists and researchers on how to effectively communicate their work to a non-technical audience.

    As an ardent Science Communicator, Bibiana has led in the development of various simplified knowledge products that have been used widely by key stakeholders, including policy and decision makers, on the journey towards commercialisation of genetically modified crops in Africa. To support accurate and balance reporting on biosciences both at the national and regional level, Bibiana has trained over 500 African journalists on effective science reporting and has been part of various initiatives that strive to bridge the gap between science and society.

    Bibiana is passionate about science communication which she believes is key in transforming Africa’s wealth of research knowledge into tangible solutions for development.

  • Ezekiel Ng’ang’a
    Ezekiel Ng’ang’a Video Production Consultant


    Ezekiel Ng’ang’a joined ISAAA AfriCenter in February 2106 as a Video Production Consultant. He is a Media Professional with over 5 years experience working with both local and international media.

    Before joining the AfriCenter, he previously worked as a Television Producer at Family TV (Media) Kenya prior to which he served as the Chief Operation’s Manager at Youth TV Kenya, a vertical growth from the position of a Production and Content Acquisition Manager for the same TV station. He is a Mass Communication graduate from Multimedia University of Kenya.

  • Godfrey Mutero Ngure
    Godfrey Mutero Ngure Program Associate


    Godfrey Ngure is a Program Associate at ISAAA AfriCenter, where he specializes in science communication, stakeholder engagement, and policy advocacy. He obtained his Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Bioindustrial Sciences at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. With over five years of experience, Godfrey is a leader of several early-career bioscience professional groups, and he coordinates various activities that promote transformative Science, Technology, and Innovations, including genetic engineering, genome editing, synthetic biology, and gene drive. He is the National Secretariat for the African Association for Advancements in Synthetic Biology (AAASynBio) Kenya chapter and is committed to promoting the adoption and integration of modern biotechnology tools into Africa’s agriculture for sustainable food production and socio-economic empowerment.