For rural communities in Africa to accept modern agricultural biotechnology, their leaders have to play an active role in educating them about the technology. This is because they are viewed as more trusted sources of information by their constituents and ultimately, their leadership may be the catalyst through which positive change will occur. Therefore, it is important that they are equipped with the right messages about agri-biotechnology.

In light of this, ISAAA AfriCenter conducts trainer of trainers (TOTs) courses for extension field officers, leaders of farmers’ groups, as well as religious and civic leaders in the region. The trainings sensitize these community leaders about agri-biotechnology and biosafety and equips them with skills on how to communicate the technology and its safety effectively. They also emphasize the need for increased awareness creation at the grassroots and strongly recommended that religious leaders and frontline staff at the Ministry of Agriculture integrate agri-biotechnology and biosafety in their day to day messages.