The Annual Review on the Global Status of Commercialised Biotech Crops and their positive economic, environmental and humanitarian impacts is ISAAA’s flagship product for knowledge and information sharing. The Annual Review is unique and has become the standard reference for biotech crops by popular media, the academia and governments worldwide.

Since 2004, the AfriCenter has played a critical role in launching the report across the continent and scaling out the reach and usage of ISAAA’s global annual status report. Beyond scaling out the reach of the report, these launches also provide a valuable platform for policy pronouncements and enabled the agricultural biotechnology discourse to re-infiltrate the news agenda.

Local countries also get an opportunity to benchmark their progress on biotechnology. The global adoption trends exhibited during these launches have become an eye opener to government officials who are usually invited to the events, and have acted as a source of inspiration as well as a stark reminder that many countries are moving on and reaping tremendous benefits from agricultural biotechnology.

Launch across africa