International Congress on Cell Science and Molecular Biology

When: 23-24 January, 2020

Where: Kenema, Sierra Leone

What: The conference, organized by World Research Society, provides a platform for professionals involved in Cell Science and Molecular Biology to exchange knowledge and gain an insight into the state of the art in the current technology, techniques and solutions in Cell Science and Molecular Biology as they have been developed and applied in different countries. Participants include a wide variety of stakeholders from research and academia, to industrial sectors as well as government organizations.

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Africa Agri Tech

When: 18-20 February, 2020

Where: Pretoria, South Africa

What: Africa Agri Tech offers a multi-tiered expo and conference programme that will investigate the impact of the latest advances in science and technology, empowering agricultural producers to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profitability going into the future. The event will feature “Farming Tools of Tomorrow” that include smart farming techs and biogenetics.

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Biocontrol Africa

When: 06-08 April, 2020

Where: Marrakesh, Morocco

What: Biocontrol Africa conference seeks to explore the latest biological products that are developed to combat agricultural pests in Africa. The conference will focus on biological solutions for fall armyworm, Tuta absoluta, mites, thrips, nematodes and diseases. Focus will also be on commercial strategies for biological control adoption and success in Africa. The event, co-organized by the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) and partners, will bring together bio-control experts and industry leaders.

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