Africa Biennial Biosciences Communication Symposium, 2019 (ABBC2019)

When: 29-30 August, 2019

Where: Pretoria, South Africa

What: ABBC2019 will provide a unique opportunity to address key components that will lay the foundation for uptake of genome editing in Africa. It will involve key African players who will play a role in steering the narrative and governance of the technology. The Symposium will provide an Africa-based and African-led platform to interrogate best communication practices that will facilitate informed decision making on genome editing in the region.

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Conference on Africa’s Agricultural Productivity (CAAP),

When: 08-09 October, 2019

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

What: The conference, bringing together a range of agricultural stakeholders, will highlight innovative replicable solutions that will enable Africa to increase agricultural productivity in the face of harsh climate. This comes in the wake of alarmingly increasing food deficit in the continent, a situation that has been exacerbated by a ballooning population. Addressing agricultural productivity gaps using technology is one of the conference themes. Delegates shall engage in deeper conversations and share impactful and replicable solutions that will lead to increase in food productivity in effort to achieve zero hunger in the continent.

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Cracking the Nut 2019: Leveraging Systems for Improved Food Security

When: 14-15 October, 2019

Where: Dakar, Senegal

What: The conference will focus on balancing public concerns for food security with private, market-based solutions. The event will highlight how public and private sector initiatives can be leveraged to stimulate rural and agricultural development, in a way that improves food security. Among those attending the conference are the world’s leading experts in sustainable agriculture, health and nutrition, including representatives from the private  sector, governments, donors.

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