Bio Africa Convention

When: 26-28 August, 2019

Where: Durban, South Africa

What: The convention will provide a platform for dialogue and discussion with stakeholders in the global biotechnology environment. It will also showcase bio-innovations from the African biotech community, creating an enabling environment for commercialization of local innovations. Bio-based innovations have had a huge potential to transform Africa’s economies, accelerate agricultural renewal, biomedical research and industrial development.

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Africa Biennial Biosciences Communication Symposium, 2019 (ABBC2019)

When: 29-30 August, 2019

Where: Pretoria, South Africa

What: ABBC2019 will provide a unique opportunity to address key components that will lay the foundation for uptake of genome editing in Africa. It will involve key African players who will play a role in steering the narrative and governance of the technology. The Symposium will provide an Africa-based and African-led platform to interrogate best communication practices that will facilitate informed decision making on genome editing in the region.

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