Beyond Promises: Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2017

2017 was the 22nd year of commercialization of biotech/GM crops. The experience of the last 22 years of commercialization confirmed the promise of biotech crops to deliver substantial agronomic, environmental, economic, health, and social benefits to small- and large-scale farmers worldwide. Biotech crops are the fastest adopted crop technology in recent history, reflecting farmer satisfaction of their benefits and high adoption rates. This booklet presents the important highlights about biotech/GM crops in 2017, from ISAAA Brief 53 Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops in 2017. Get the full publication here

Media Reporting on Biotechnology in Africa: Perspectives from African Journalists

The media has a key role in creating awareness, education and understanding of modern agricultural biotechnology. There is a general consensus that although the mass media cannot unilaterally bring about change in knowledge and opinion, they are important agents in the process of reinforcing public perceptions and, ultimately, influencing and shaping public attitudes. However, media coverage of modern agricultural biotechnology in Africa has been an issue of concern. There is a general feeling that the reporting on modern agricultural biotechnology is inadequate, wrought with sensationalism, trivialization, inaccurate reporting; misuse of terminologies; incomplete coverage of issues, episodic, and often related to specific events, such as scientific breakthroughs or current controversies. This book written by Wandera Ojanji and Daniel Otunge of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) examines why modern agricultural biotechnology is poorly reported while exploring key challenges that journalists face in reporting on modern agricultural biotechnology. The book also explores opportunities that journalists can exploit in this field and strategies for improving media reporting. Get the full publication here

Top Ten Facts about Agricultural Biotechnology and Biosafety in Africa by 2017

Africa remains a prime region with the biggest potential to reap from benefits associated with modern agricultural biotechnology. In 2017, various stakeholder groups continued their call for increased investments in modern farming technologies to make agriculture sector more productive and competitive. The top ten facts series highlights progress Africa made in 2017, twenty-two years since the first commercialization of biotech crops. The booklet summarizes the crops, traits and socio-economic benefits accrued to farmers from countries currently growing biotech crops. A special focus is given to current state of agri-biotech research, regulations and policy frameworks being set by African states in a bid to deliver biotech crops to farmers. Get the full publication here