“Fall Armyworm in Africa: A Guide for Integrated Pest Management,” jointly produced by Feed the Future, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and the CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE), provides tips on fall armyworm identification as well as technologies and practices for effective control. The new comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM)-based technical guide will help scientists, extension agents and farmers to tackle the fall armyworm which has rapidly spread across Africa in the last two years, decimating maize crops in its path. Download a copy from CIMMYT’s website

Integrated Management of the Fall Armyworm on maize: A guide for Farmer Field Schools in Africa

Confronted with the infestation of the fall army worm (FAW) on millions of small holder farms across Africa, UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with other organizations, has published a guide on how affected farmers can manage the pest in integrated, ecological and sustainable ways. According to Maria Semedo, Deputy Director General, FAO “The guide will give African farmers and frontline agricultural workers the practical advice they need to tackle FAW head on.” Moreover, African countries that have not been affected have been urged to get prepared. The fall army worm has continued to ravage farms across the continent giving farmers little to no hope for what lies ahead.  Download a copy from FAO’s website.