Top Ten Facts about VIRCA Plus Project in Kenya

VIRCA Plus project is developing disease resistant and nutritionally enhanced cassava varieties that will empower African smallholder farmers and improve health status of consumers. The project was launched in 2016 and builds on the success of two previous projects, the VIRCA and the BioCassava (BC) Plus. VIRCA Plus has successfully developed a cassava variety with robust and durable resistance to cassava brown streak disease (CBSD), validated over multiple cropping cycles in several locations in Kenya and Uganda. Get the full publication here.

ISAAA AfriCenter Annual Report 2019

Africa witnessed remarkable progress in 2019, starting with Nigeria that approved Bt cowpea for commercial planting. Ethiopia and Malawi planted Bt cotton on a commercial scale while Kenya approved Bt cotton farming. Other countries like Rwanda are positioning themselves to move fast in getting products like potatoes and cassava that are of priority in the country. Niger in Francophone West Africa approved their national biosafety Law. Get the full publication here.