ISAAA AfriCenter will hold a biosafety communication training for regulators and researchers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After the start of the training, participants will familiarize themselves with global trends on commercialized biotech/GM crops, as well as the local status of biotech crops in the country. By the end of the training, they will:

  • Gain knowledge on the basics of effective biotechnology/ biosafety communication
  • Identify key agri-biotech stakeholders and their concerns
  • Develop key messages that can be communicated to the general public including non-scientific audiences
  • Familiarize themselves with social media as a medium to communicate and get instant updates on current research trends and innovations
  • Familiarize themselves on how to relate with media and develop relations with media practitioners
  • Participate in a televised or radio interview through specific techniques
  • Acquire knowledge on how to reach out to policy makers in a more effective manner