This workshop has been organized by the Biosafety Appeals Board, in partnership with ISAAA AfriCenter and the Program for Biosafety Systems. It is organized against the backdrop of the recent developments in applications for open field cultivation of insect resistant (Bt) maize and cotton in Kenya.

The objective of the workshop is to update County Executives and select government officials on the status of agri-biotech and biosafety in the country. It will provide a platform for key stakeholders in agri-biotech and biosafety and those implementing policy to interact, share lessons and experiences from the sector. The Biosafety Appeals Board will highlight its role in biosafety matters in the country.

The workshop provides a unique opportunity to reach out to a representation from the entire country, in view of agriculture being a devolved government function and biotechnology/biosafety matters under the national government. Further, the workshop will provide a platform to address safety aspects related to agricultural biotechnology. It will also explore opportunities for collaboration and coordination of awareness creation activities on biotechnology and biosafety between the national and county governments.