The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) Kenya Chapter is glad to announce a call for story pitches for 2021 Science Journalism Grant. The grant seeks to support in-depth covering of media stories on agricultural biotechnology and biosafety in Kenya.


  1. Kenyan journalists
  2. Interest in reporting on agricultural biotechnology and biosafety
  3. Working in a media house with an online presence that will publish your story

Categories for the Grant

  1. In-depth feature stories: Applicants must go beyond regular reporting to come up with a creative angle/approach or topic of interest in agricultural biotechnology and biosafety;
  2. Investigative stories: Applicants should concentrate on one topic of choice to uncover new information within the agricultural biotechnology landscape and the impact on the agri-food sector;
  3. New research: Applicants should endeavor to delve into emerging issues within the agricultural landscape in Kenya.

How to Participate

Submit a two-page (max) story pitch on agricultural biotechnology or biosafety issue of choice. The scope should include but not limited to; current agri-biotech research in Kenya, farmers’ experiences with Bt cotton, biotechnology policies, biosafety and the regulatory landscape, trade and socio-economic implications of commercialized biotech crops, investigative pieces, etc.

The Story Pitch MUST Contain

  1. Title of the proposed story
  2. Justification of why the idea should be supported
  3. Credible sources of information including prospective interviewees
  4. Timeline for story development and publication (within two months)
  5. Expected impact of publishing the story
  6. Publishing media platform for your story
  7. Budget breakdown for expenses and research time

Journalists from all categories (Radio, TV, Print and Online) are strongly encouraged to apply, including those working in vernacular stations. Story pitches should be sent as a pdf document to the OFAB Kenya Secretariat at and copied to Godfrey Ngure at to later than 10th June 2021. Pitches submitted after the deadline will not be assessed. Submissions will be assessed and grant awarded to winning concepts.

About OFAB Kenya

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) Kenya is a partnership project for enhancing knowledge-sharing and awareness on agricultural biotechnology in Africa. Managed by the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) in collaboration with ISAAA AfriCenter, the forum facilitates quality engagement on safety and benefits of modern agricultural biotechnology among stakeholders. Follow us on Twitter @OFABKenya, Facebook @OFABKenya and Instagram @ofabkenya.