ISAAA AfriCenter in collaboration with Acceligen and Agriculture & Food Systems Institute held a regional workshop to discuss regulatory frameworks for animal biotechnology in Africa. The workshop, which took place between 28th and 29th July, 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya, was attended by 50 regulators and animal biotechnology practitioners from 12 countries.

The workshop used case studies to introduce key concepts, starting with problem formulation methodology, which allowed participants to articulate their environmental and food safety protection goals. This enabled them to follow a logical process for identifying how genetically engineered animals can be assessed to ensure that their use does not lead to adverse outcomes for human health or the environment.

The interactive workshop also presented an opportunity for participants to hear and learn from progressive countries in this field such as Brazil and Argentina.  Additionally, biosafety leads from Kenya and Nigeria shared their experiences in developing animal biotechnology regulatory frameworks and genome editing guidelines, providing key lessons for their counterparts from other African countries.

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