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11th August 2023
Welcome to issue 63 of the DrumBeat!

The DrumBeat team's commitment to tell the African story and share expert opinions on topical issues in agriculture, health and environment for impact science continues to grow stronger. In this issue, we exclusively explore the place of Africa's food systems in enhancing nutrition and health wellbeing of our population, and accelerating our countries' economic growth.

The Video of the Month highlights the important contribution of livestock in building sustainable food systems on the continent. Through the perspective of an expert, we put forward key recommendations that can be actualized to ensure smallholder livestock farmers reap maximum economic benefits from this farming. It also emerges from the video that improvement of livestock production and value chains can significantly reduce health risks and improve human health.

The Story of the Month presents an in-depth discussion on how effective agri-value chains and food systems can be harnessed to transform Africa. It shares an expert's opinion on how agri-entrepreneurial start-ups can power up the continent's potential through effective food systems.

Through this issue, we also share with you ISAAA AfriCenter's Annual Report. The report captures AfriCenter's key achievements and opportunities in line with its mandate to contribute towards a food secure Africa free of hunger and poverty. The Center is expanding its communications, policy advocacy and knowledge sharing activities beyond crop biotechnology, and extending to livestock, environment and One Health approach. It is for this reason that a new five-year Strategic Plan (2023 - 2028) is in the offing.

We continue our countdown to the Africa Biennial Biosciences Communication symposium (ABBC2023). The Symposium, running from 22nd - 24th August 2023, will provide an Africa-based and African-led platform for stakeholders to actively exchange experiences and address pressing communication issues key in propelling biosciences' innovations in the continent and globally. It is organized under the theme 'Evolution of Genetic Improvement Tools in Agriculture: Is Communication Matching Up?'

For these and more stories, read your copy of this issue's DrumBeat. Enjoy your reading!


Building Sustainable Food Systems for Africa

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Dr. Catherine Mwema

Dr. Catherine Mwema
Director, Research and Learning, BOMA

How agri-entrepreneurial start-ups can power up Africa's potential through effective food systems

Building sustainable food systems is key in accelerating Africa's ambition to be a food secure, economic self-sufficient and climate-resilient continent in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and Africa Union's Agenda 2063. The DrumBeat elaborately explores how agri-value chain systems and inclusive start-up models can strengthen the continent's food systems thus increasing productivity and improving livelihoods.

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From Our Newsroom
Rwanda approves Draft Biosafety Law

Rwanda approves Draft Biosafety Law

Rwanda has moved a step closer towards harnessing the benefits of modern biotechnology following the introduction of a draft biosafety law. The Cabinet approved the law on 13th July 2023 and has since been tabled in Parliament for scrutiny before it is passed as a new law. Read more.

AfriCenter and Partners intensify Efforts towards Improved Planetary Health

AfriCenter and Partners intensify Efforts towards Improved Planetary Health

ISAAA AfriCenter continued efforts to enhance multi-sectoral collaborations and integrated efforts towards imrovement of planetary health. Our team led the Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa (COHESA) partners from Rwanda and Uganda in conducting a One Health Stakeholder net-mapping workshop from 11th - 13th July and 5th - 7th July 2023 respectively. Read more.

Stakeholders Brainstorm on National Engagement Strategy for Genome-edited Sorghum in Ethiopia

Stakeholders brainstorm on National Engagement Strategy for Genome-edited Sorghum in Ethiopia

ISAAA AfriCenter in partnership with Addis Ababa University and Bio and Emerging Technology Institute (BETin) held a sorghum value chain stakeholder focus group discussion (FGD) on 19th July 2023 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read more.

Press Review: African Media Reporting on GMO Positive

Press Review: African Media Reporting on GMO Positive

Media sentiment around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and biotechnological developments in agriculture was generally positive in July 2023, with notable coverage on various African platforms, predominantly in Kenya and Nigeria. Read more.

Norway Approves Plant-derived Omega-3 Oil for Aquafeed

Norway Approves Plant-derived Omega-3 Oil for Aquafeed

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, in July this year, granted approval for Aquaterra® Omega-3 oil for use in fish feed applications. This is a more sustainable source of omega-3 oil as it reduces utilization of the world's marine resources while enhancing aquaculture growth. Read more.

Stronger together: ISAAA AfriCenter Annual Report 2022
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